Plannig & Engineering

planning head

Given today’s competitive pressures, many service providers are turning to advanced technologies to address new markets, increase operational efficiencies, and provide the platform for future growth. within more than 19 years of experince associating with both public and private sectors and overcoming a vast range of industrial challenges we are ready to serve our costumers in terms of Planning and enginnering services to fully support their needs .






Our technology expertise spans all key technologies including LTE, WiMAX, UMTS/ HSDPA, CMDA/EvDO, GSM, IP/IM/VoIP, In-Building/DAS, and fiber / microwave technologies.

Highlights of our planning and network design activites include:

  • Architecture definition
  • Network modeling
  • Topology selection
  • Traffic engineering
  • Network design
  • System and link dimensioning
  • RFP development and evaluation
  • Vendor evaluation
  • RF engineering
  • Launch planning